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About the Carwash Coaches

We are the Carwash Coaches and we help the following people…


  1. Existing carwash owner/operators that want to grow their business
  2. Carwash owner/investors that want to grow their business by training their key managers
  3. Those new and wanting to get into the carwash industry.

How Do We Help You?

Built on a shared passion and enthusiasm for owning strong wash businesses, we saw a need for a group in the industry that brings together committed owners and operators to brainstorm and implement strategies into their operations to achieve positive results on a regular basis. The need for consistently marketing our washes and staying up to speed with like-minded wash owners/managers, perhaps like you, who have a solid business and like the idea getting an even better result.


Our job is to get you guys together!


We don’t want to rant about ourselves, but it might be helpful to know something about us to give you a bit of context to what you are reading… so, brief introductions…

Ed Turner:

I first fell in love with the carwash concept in the mid-1990’s, marveling at the awesome business model; no staff and cash being pilled into a wall. I then saw an opportunity to build my own site in 2003, which I have owned since as an ‘active’ investor/owner. I’ve been able to grow sales in this business from it’s 2nd year to current at an annual rate of 17% most of this growth coming in the past 5 years,primarily through the execution of a handful of the strategies you’ll find on this website.

Ed Turner bio 1

Rhys Lyster:

I became involved in the carwash industry in the early 2000’s when after many years spent under the golden arches (McDonalds). I took up the challenge of buying an existing wash in my hometown.


I’m a very hands-on owner/operator from day to day which has enabled me to get to know my customers and operations which continue to grow year on year at a rate of 15%. With a sound system in place for my staff, this has allowed me to focus on my car washes continual growth and profitability over the last 5-6 years through executing select strategies ranging from operations through to marketing ensuring the business basics are optimized for growth.

What Do We Provide?

On our website, you have access to many free resources, so that you can find out more about the strategies to move the needle in the right direction for your carwash business. Most people that start in this industry will either start out DIY or get a few ideas from other operators on an ad hoc basis. To do well in this industry it’s important that you’re able to work long term with customers so that you are also able to grow your business.

Our Model:

Rather than having to buy a Franchise or a Licence to get started, we provide a range of services from tailored coaching services to get specific results fast to group programs that leverage not only our experience but also the groups participants knowledge.

Like to Know More?

The best place to start is by downloading our Secret Recipe and work through the checklists inside to see where you are leaving profits on the table in your wash.


CLICK HERE to Access your copy.


Otherwise, get in touch with Rhys or me and we’ll take the time to listen to you and direct you on your next best steps.

Meet Our Team

Rhys Lyster


Ed Turner