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On Experience.

We Provide Professional Consulting Services
To Carwash Operators, Owners, And Investors.


Positive Results.

“How To Make Better Money In Your Business
Without Working Harder Than You Already Do.”


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The Secret Recipe


“How To Make Better Money In Your Business
Without Working Harder Than You Already Do.”

This Secret Recipe will help you to find the best places in your business where money is made or lost so that you can get to work on the best things straight away.


How to widen the gap between your sale price and your costs so that there’s more money in the middle for you.

Sales & Marketing

How to make sure that your marketing is saying the right types of things… to the right people… so that people are buying from YOU and NOT your competitors.


How to get clear on what to measure in your business, so you can work out how much more you can make with your team.

About Ed & Rhys

Edward Turner is the Founder and Chief Troubleshooter of Ed Turner Business Solutions & Director Aquarius Carwash.


Ed started his Aquarius Carwash back in 2004 and developed this business from the ground up, with a laser focus on increasing business profitability and systems development to facilitate fast cash profit growth and autonomy for a business owner.Having successfully created a sustainable business of his own that now operates without him and generates consistent quarterly cash profit growth Ed has decided to turn his attention to helping other business owners do the same.


Rhys Lyster serves as Director of The Best Carwash & currently serving on the Board of the Australian Carwash Association.


Rhys has a hands-on business background beginning with McDonalds from 1993-2004 from crew through to senior restaurant management acquiring all levels of management within this operation during an 11 year period.From 2003 until now he’s been involved in the Carwash industry. Initially seizing an opportunity with a small detailing business and remodelling it into a successful express valet service being able to service 2000 + cars per year in his local area.

Our Team of Industry Experts

Our job is to get you guys together to develop and implement strategies for your wash helping more of your local market get the reap the reward of driving cleaner cars!

Rhys Lyster


Ed Turner


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